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About Us

Zodiac Elites is a design brand of Metaverse Travel Lab ( MTL ), MTL is established in Vancouver, Canada in 2021. MTL is committed to integrating blockchain technology and the tourism industry, as well as the application of NFT art products in the tourism industry. MTL will formulate relevant standards for tourism NFT and develop its corresponding management system. In 2022, we will launch the NFT art product "Zodiac Elites". It aims to promote the application and dissemination of NFT in the non-crypto user market.

         《生肖之美》是元宇宙旅行實驗室旗下設計品牌,元宇宙旅行實驗室於2021年成立於加拿大溫哥華。實驗室致力於驅動區塊鏈技術與旅遊行業的深度結合,以及NFT藝術產品在旅遊行業的落地應用。實驗室將陸續制定旅遊NFT的相關標準,並開發其相應的管理系統。 2022年,我們推出了NFT藝術產品“生肖之美 Zodiac Elites”. 旨在推動NFT在非幣圈用戶市場的應用和傳播。

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