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​Road Map




The Zodiac Elites series came to be after witnessing a talented artist in action. From the initial sketches, to adding the final detailed strokes, each step showcased the artist’s utmost dedication to his craft. Their consideration to detail was incredibly moving, and it inspired us to collaborate with this artist to create the pinnacle of zodiac artwork—a series that would surpass and outshine any in existence.

We used a total of six months to create Zodiac Elites, taking the time to incorporate auspicious Chinese astrological elements to bring out the true essence of the zodiac based on Chinese culture. Each piece is unique and ties in The Five Elements, Bagua, The Heavenly Branches and Earthly Stems, and lucky colour pairings for the greatest blessing. The zodiac is hugely influential in Chinese culture and day to day life, with children growing up mystified by folklore of zodiac origins. On the journey to discover the Metaverse, let us also spread awareness and incorporate the distinctive and aesthetically appealing flavours of Chinese culture.



2022年我們發行了 360個ERC-721 生肖之美DAO, 寓意 66大順集合! 60X100個賀年生肖NFT。目的是為了讓每一個喜愛我們作品的朋友都能擁有一個NFT。同時凡購買ERC-721 生肖之美DAO的用戶也將獲得賀年生肖NFT抽獎回饋!

There will also be 60x100 pieces of ERC-1155NFT. We hope that each and every one of our supporters will be able to own one of our NFTs. Everyone who purchases a ERC-721 NFT product will also receive a ERC-1155NFT. Products can be purchased directly through us using bitcoin, or on the opensea platform. Please access the pages through our social media platforms or website. It is our utmost priority to keep your account information secure.



When you receive your NFTs, you might not get the exact one you hoped for. However, it will definitely be sought after by someone else, so enjoy the process of selling and exchanging these NFTs with others!




Passion drove us to create this Zodiac Elites series. Another passion we want to share with you is the Metaverse! The Metaverse will be the future direction of Metaverse Travel Labs, and we will be sharing our resources and projects with you. Proceeds from this series will help launch the next series in line—__Horoscope__. This will be a challenging new project for us—please look forward to it!

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